Secure, scalable and interoperable
With the BIFROST Network,
service providers will be able to access the entire blockchain market
and no longer face barriers when using their preferred protocols.
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What's possible with BIFROST Network?
EVM Compatible
Low fees ($0.03)
DPoS Network Consensus
Auto-compounding block rewards
Optimized oracle services
Elevated user experience
EVM-compatibility refers to the ability to write and deploy smart contract codes compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and therefore recognizable by Ethereum nodes.
Gas fees are payments made by network users to compensate for the computing energy required to process and validate transactions on blockchains. On the BIFROST Network, the gas fees are paid in BFC.
The BIFROST Node uses a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Anyone who has more than a certain amount of BFC in the DPoS-based BIFROST Network can participate in the network consensus process either as a validator or a nominator.
The BIFROST multichain payment environment has low fees and eliminates complex barriers. No technical knowledge is required.
BIFROST is a secure and accurate blockchain with network validators providing high-performance oracle services.
With maximized security and speed, BIFROST ensures the best experience for all users, beginners and experts alike.
The multichain solution built for developers
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Built-in cross-chain functions
The built-in cross-chain bridges are the key to expanding the multichain Web3 ecosystem. BIFROST's Native BTC Lending, Cross-chain Bridge, Multichain DEX and Payment Solutions, and Decentralized Oracle are integrated with built-in cross-chain bridges.
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Developer-friendly network
BIFROST developers can utilize detailed code templates and APIs for every DApp sector to build swap and lending protocols, NFT marketplaces, and many more. DApp Developers can easily build optimal multichain platforms that combine the characteristics and strengths of various blockchains.
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Secure and sophisticated DPoS mechanism
The unique Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism of BIFROST significantly enhances network security. Simply by staking BFC, users can participate in the network consensus process either as a validator or a nominator and receive block rewards as compensation.
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Optimal multichain payment platform
BIFROST aims to provide an optimal blockchain payment environment for retailers and Web2 companies accepting cryptocurrency payments. The cross-chain technology of ChainRunner embedded across our DeFi products executes all types of financial transactions on multiple blockchain networks.
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Seamless gateway for multichain DeFi users
BIFROST provides an optimal multichain environment that allows flexible and seamless trading of all cryptocurrencies. From Biport to the Crypto Settlement Module, the BIFROST multichain payment sector offers both safety and speed with low fees.
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Secure cross-chain transit mechanism
The cross-finalization mechanism of the BIFROST Network secures funds until cross-chain actions are complete. The system contracts provide a time-lock vault that holds the funds from incomplete user requests. Users can safely retrieve their assets when request outcomes are unsuccessful.
Comparison with other networks
EVM- CompatibilityYesYesYesNoYes
Block Time3 sec14 sec2.3 sec0.8 sec3 sec
Tx Finality6 sec6 min~ 5 min2.5 sec1 sec
Gas Fee (on avg)$0.03$2.57$0.0005$0.0002$1.2
Auto-compounding Block RewardsYes (Optional)NoNoYesNo
Built-in Cross-chain Functions

Native BTC Lending
Cross-chain Bridge & DEX
Decentralized Oracle
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